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Write Your Story

"Life is a blank page, each person holds their own pen and writes their own story" 

~Natasha Bedingfield ~

It has always been a life-long passion of mine to help others discover the beauty of their inner-self.  


I am a firm believer that when we make ourselves vulnerable and share our life experiences we are able to not only heal and grow ourselves, but help others too.

I also believe that we hold the pen to write our own story depending on how we see ourselves, others and our outlook in life.

We have the ability to drastically change the outcome if only we are able to see through a different set of lenses.

Radio City.jpg

The picture featured in this section was taken back in the mid-90's.  I must have been about 24 and took my first business trip to New York City.

I thought I had my whole life planned out, confident that I knew what all my tomorrow's would hold.  I had written my novel from beginning to end.

Yet, as I took this trip, I knew there were many more stories that were not yet written that needed to be told. I had the desire to explore and craved an adventurous life.

Write Your Story is a reflections of my life's journey.  It also shares the thoughts and stories of the countless people I have met and fortunate enough to listen to.

This is Your Story too….

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